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Divorce can be one of the most traumatic experiences a person will ever face. The decisions you make at this point in your life will impact the rest of your life and the lives of your children. It’s essential that you retain an experienced family law attorney to guide you through the process and stand up for your rights. At Gomperts McDermott & Von Ellen, LLC, family law is all we do. Our attorneys are highly skilled in litigation, mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. We are dedicated to finding the best resolution for our clients in every area of family law, from divorce, custody, alimony and child support to post-judgment issues, such as modification of final judgments and property settlement agreements.

The law firm of Gomperts McDermott & Von Ellen, LLC, with offices in Union County, represents clients throughout Northern New Jersey and practices exclusively in the area of family law.

Through our years of family law practice, our New Jersey Divorce Lawyers have found that the emotional and financial toll of a divorce proceeding can be significantly reduced through negotiations, mediation, and when necessary litigation. All New Jersey Family Law Attorneys at Gomperts McDermott & Von Ellen, LLC are skilled litigators and trial attorneys. In addition, several of our attorneys are trained mediators, including Gerri Gomperts, Jamie Von Ellen, Renée Rubino, Judith McDermott, Marisa Lepore Hovanec, and Whitney Chelnik. Our mission is to facilitate a resolution via mediation, arbitration, or litigation that allows families to move through difficulties and emerge in a favorable position.