Experienced Family Law Attorneys

Mediation and Arbitration

At Gomperts McDermott & Von Ellen, LLC, we often encourage people to seek resolution through mediation in an effort to achieve desired results in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. In addition, mediation fosters amicable relationships between parties, which can have a lasting positive impact on co-parenting and issues that affect the children. Mediation offers privacy, and can save time and money in reaching a comprehensive divorce settlement agreement that covers all marital issues, such as custody, parenting time, alimony and equitable distribution.

Several of our attorneys are highly skilled mediators with extensive experience, including Gerri Gomperts, Judith McDermott, Jamie Von Ellen, Whitney Chelnik, Renée Rubino and Marisa Lepore Hovanec. Ms. Gomperts and Ms. Von Ellen also serve as arbitrators. Ms. McDermott, Ms. Von Ellen, Ms. Chelnik, Ms. Rubino and Ms. Lepore Hovanec all serve on Early Settlement Panels (ESP) for the Superior Court, Family Part, in Union, Essex and Morris Counties.

While mediation is a powerful method for achieving results, it may not be the best method for every case. All of our attorneys are skilled litigators who will proceed to trial when necessary.