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Child Support

Both parents are responsible for contributing to the support their children, which includes payment for shelter, food, clothing , and other expenses. Typically, one parent will be the “parent of primary residence” (PPR) and the other will be the “parent of alternate residence” (PAR). Regardless of which parent spends more time with the children, both parents must share the costs of their children’s living expenses.

New Jersey has created Child Support Guidelines that estimate the financial needs of families. Based primarily on each parent’s income and the time that each parent spends with the children, the guidelines determine each parent’s percentage share of expenses relative to the children. The parent with the higher percentage share will pay child support to the other parent to help meet the children’s needs.

In some cases, the parties may earn more than what is contemplated by the guidelines. In such cases other factors, such as the family lifestyle, will be used to determine the proper amount of child support.

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