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Gerri Gomperts and Komal Ullah Were Featured Speakers at the 2021 NJICLE Family Law Summer Institute

Ms. Gomperts and Ms. Ullah were featured speakers at a Comprehensive 2-Day Program presented by NJICLE in cooperation with the NJSBA Family Law Section on July 28th. Ms. Gomperts and Ms. Ullah shared their knowledge and experience on the topic of the psychodynamics of lawyering, and addressed questions of how to service clients during one of the most traumatic times of their lives.

“The Family Law Summer Institute is a two-day, information-packed program, which provided keen insights into almost all aspects of matrimonial practice. Every family lawyer will benefit from attending. Those who are just starting their legal careers will learn from a large and authoritative panel of matrimonial attorneys and judges discussing how to conduct client interviews, deal with adversaries, and negotiate, settle, and try cases. Experienced attorneys benefit from hearing fresh insights and nuanced perspectives about handling complicated and ethically challenging problems that often arise n family practice.